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With advances in manufacturing technology, we are able to offer the best engineered quality synthetic grass and turf to help our customers bring their projects to life.

We have different products to suit all of our customers needs and we beat the competition in terms of appearance, expertise, quality and value of our artificial lawn supplies.


Our goal is to enhance the exterior of your property, that´s why all of our products are made with USA raw materials that guarantee the quality and the manufacturing process. All of our products are warrantied for up to 8 years.

It doesn´t matter what kind of project you are working on, we´ve got you covered!

Synthetic Turf Benefits

The popularity of synthetic turf in California is growing at a faster rate than ever before due to drought. Here are some of its benefits:
Environmentally friendly
Reduces the use of water and toxic chemicals such as fertilizers.
Save time and money
Synthetic grass helps you to reduce water bill, gardening and maintenance costs.
Low maintenance
Your required mowings will go from 40 per year to 0.
Kid and pet-friendly
Synthetic grass provides a level, even surface where your children and pets can play in a clean and safe environment.
Always green
With Epicturf you will enjoy 365 days a year of green, lush, well-manicured landscaping.
Installation and maintenance
Our expertly trained installation professionals are committed to the best installation techniques and practices to make sure the artificial grass looks beautiful and have the best performance.

Our goal is to exceed the customer´s expectations in service, quality and value by getting the job done on time and budget. 


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