Be the envy of your neighbors with the best looking yard.

Homeowners are constantly struggling to have an ever green-healthy looking lawn. This cost time and money with endless mowing, watering and fertilizing.
Struggle no more. It´s time for Epicturf for your landscape. Epicturf provides the perfect green and realistic synthetic lawn, you can enjoy relaxing on your artificial lawn with your friends and family.  

Our residential artificial grass is incredibly versatile and really natural looking which makes really hard to tell the difference between natural and artificial lawn.
We offer an 8 years warranty in all of our products.
Our Products:
Epicturf Eco   ·  Epicturf Premium  ·  Epicturf Luxury   ·   Epic Sports
Need more reasons?

Artificial turf lawns require very little maintenance to ensure it remains looking at its best, this means the artificial grass may only require a brushing a couple of times per year.

When compare side-by-side with a natural lawn, artificial grass is a far more cost-effective solution by saving money on water bills, maintenance, gardeners, etc. Epicturf offers fantastic value for money.

Real grass needs water, lots of it. Artificial grass doesn´t.You only need to hose down your synthetic turf ever once in a while to remover dirt and dust. Also, it helps to reduce carbon emissions originated by maintenance equipment like lawn mowers or strimmers.
Artificial turf is never toxic

Unlike natural lawns, artificial turf doesn´t require the use of weedkillers, pesticides or fertilizers, which makes it perfectly safe for children and pets.
Pet Friendly

All of our residential landscape turf are pet friendly.